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Cash Safe Relocation

Cash safe moving is often the hardest to complete safely due to the weight required for adequate intruder protection. Cash safes work due to their weight making them difficult to move and solid mass making them difficult to break into, as a result of these safety features they present the most difficulty when attempting to move them.

Dedicated Cash Safe Removals

Particular care is required to safely move cash safes. Our specialist and bespoke tools make this job easier and safer than ever before, and our fully trained and qualified professional teams complete cash safe moves regularly and efficiently. 

Particular care must be taken as even the smaller type cash safes can be in excess of 400 kgs and present genuine healths risk whilst being moved. The dense contrsruction makes this type of safe more challenging to move with accuracy and precision.

Our Cash Safe Moving Services

We offer a wide range of cash safe moving services including:

  • On site Cash Safe Relocation
  • Cash Safe Transportation
  • Cash Safe Stairclimbing
  • Cash Safe Disposal
  • Cash Safe Storage 

Over ten years industry experience

Over ten years experience in moving cash safes gives us a special insight into making sure we pick the right tools for the job and operating to the highest standards.

Cash Safe Movers

Cash Safe Movers

Cash Safe Transportation  Cash Safe Disposal

Cash Safe Stairclimbing