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Fire Proof Cabinet Relocation

Fire proof cabinet relocation is one our core business activities. From normal offices and solicitors to private homes and storage facilities we have moved all manner of fire protection cabinets.

Fire proof cabinet moving services

Although only document cabinets they can weigh in excess of 600 kg quite easily, with their construction reliant on fire proof concrete to protect your valuable documents. 

We regularly stair climb fire proof cabinets, and relocate them between business properties using our range of dedicated safe moving tools. We regularly move this type of cabinet complete with its contents, making your move easier.

As a dedicated provider of safe relocation services we strive to make this difficult task as simple as possible, completing our task efficiently, safely and professionally

Our Range Of Fire Proof Cabinet Relocation Services

We offer a wide range of fire proof cabinet services including:

  • On Site Fire Proof Cabinet Relocation
  • Fire Proof Cabinet Transportaion
  • Fire Proof Cabinet Stair Climbing
  • Fire Proof Cabinet Disposal
  • Fire Proof Cabinet Storage

Fire proof cabinet relocation

Fire Proof Cabinet Movers Fire Proof Cabinet Transport

Fire Proof Cabinet Movers